Hair Color

Single process color $68+

A Versatile Hair Color with unsurpassed conditioning and shine. Used to lighten, darken, match hair Color, or cover gray, and is great for creative Color.

Prices starting at:
Color: $68.00
Mens Color: $51.00
Brow Tint: $10.00
Lash Tint: $25.00

Mens Color $51+

Brow Tint $12+

Lash Tint $27+

Glazing(Shades EQ) Conditioning Gloss $25+

A treatment to refresh, tone, and stabilize your color or highlights that adds unsurpassed shine and condition.

Prices starting at:
Glaze with color service: $25.00

Glazing (SEQ) without color service $57+

Organic color $87+

NATULIQUE certified organic hair color from Aarhus, Denmark is a high performance professional hair color made using pure, natural sunflower seed extract, jojoba oil, apricot seed oil and grape seed oil
NATULIQUE Is 100% Ammonia, Parabens, PPD* and Resorcinol* free *. No ammonia, no smell, no discomfort, lots of shine, extra conditioning and superior comfort.

Full Highlights $139 +

A weaving technique, custom mixed to slightly deepen or lighten hair.

Prices starting at:
Full head: $139.00+
Partial head: $99.00+
Low Lites $30+
Hi-Lites/High Lites: $54.00+

Balayage $110+

A sweep of Color placed throughout the hair creating a very natural, modern sun-streaked look.

Ombré Price Upon Consultation

Ombré Hair Lightening is a technique wherein selected strands of hair are lightened from the tips up through the middle sections hair.

Corrective Color Price Estimate will be provided at consultation

Jon Lori Salon provides exceptional color correction services that emphasize restoring the health of damaged hair.

Color Correction services are performed by high-level colorist’s who have had extensive education in this delicate service. Color Correction is a specialty and is a service to be provided only by extremely experienced hands. It involves the science of color removal or depositing, tonal changes as well as neutralization of unwanted tones, all while meticulously maintaining the integrity of the hair. We use only high quality color lines as well as treating the hair with strength building protein and moisture infusing treatments during this service.

In many cases, color correction will take many hours to complete, with follow up appointments needed to achieve your desired color as well as maintaining the condition of your hair. Please allow plenty of time while you are in the salon, as this is not a service where short cuts will ever be taken. Total color transformation, which means taking the hair from light to dark, or dark to light, requires much of the same skills and time as color correction.

Cost is to be determined by the length of time it takes to perform the correction, amount of product needed and will be discussed during the consultation.

A Color Correction/Color Change Agreement & Price Estimate will be provided at consultation

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