Have A Smoother Holiday This Year


The holidays often come with a few bumps in the road – really, how can you avoid them with all of that partying and family get togethers? But that doesn’t mean that your hair needs to be part of the problem. Hair that’s subjected to chemical processing or lots of heat styling techniques can become dry, brittle, and just not very nice. That’s when it’s time to give your hair the perfect gift of a keratin treatment. And there are a range of them from which to choose, too.

Many people think about keratin treatments only when the weather is humid – they really are fantastic for keeping frizz under control – but they’re actually great all year ‘round. Because a keratin treatment will help your hair stay smooth and silky, it will also typically make it more manageable and quicker to dry and style, too. This is just the ticket when your time is at a premium with a busy holiday calendar.

Keratin treatments work by bonding liquid keratin, the protein found naturally in your hair, to the shaft of each hair. This fills in any cracks and holes in the cuticle that have developed over time, and helps naturally curly hair fall more smoothly. It works wonders on anyone with coarse or frizzy hair. And the results last for months, too. You can count on using about half as much time to style your hair after your treatment. Just imagine what you could do with all of that extra time!

Don’t let your hair demand too much of your precious time this holiday season. Instead, give it some TLC with a keratin treatment here at the Jon Lori Salon. Our team of pro’s will have you smooth and silky and ready to conquer the holidays in no time. We truly believe that innovation and a genuine commitment to excellence will make a positive difference in the lives of our clients. You can find us at 553 River Road in Fair Haven, or give us a call on 732.741.8336. If you prefer, use our mobile app to instantly make the appointment that best suits your schedule. Download it for free from iTunes or Google Play


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