Get Back to School in Style

Get Back to School in Style

Back to school time is here again, and we thought this might just be the perfect time to talk about the latest trends in kids’ cuts. Here at Jon Lori Salon, we love to help you keep your little ones looking their best, so they can head back to school in style. Read on to discover the eye-catching looks that will look fantastic on your kids this Fall.


The Classic Pompadour. The pompadour is a traditional, classic cut worn by the likes of Elvis Presley and James Dean. For boys, we like to give this style a bit of a modern twist with a faded clipper over comb blended through the transition all the way around, and a clean taper at the neckline. This style is not the wash and go type, though. If you choose this cut for your little man, be prepared for daily styling.

Fade with Lines. Fade lines are great because they can be personalized according to your style. Some people like their fade to be high and tight, while others want a lower fade with longer hair on top. Currently trending for young men is a fade with design lines shaved into the sides. This look is for the trendsetter who isn’t afraid to make a statement.


Choppy layers. This cut makes a bold statement with very little effort! Choppy layers are created by strategically cutting small, medium and large chunks of hair from each layer. The result is to show hair strands of varying lengths in concert with one another, revealing a sophisticated style that gives the appearance of immense volume.

Pixie. Has your little girl been complaining about her long hair? Maybe she’s ready for a darling pixie! This cut is super easy to maintain, and if you want to dress it up a bit, tie a ribbon i for instant flair. The key to making this cut look outstanding is matching the angles of the cut to the shape of your daughter’s face.  And the best part for you?  No more tangles and tedious comb-out sessions!

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