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You’ve probably been noticing a retro feel to fashion of all sorts these days. Watch a bit of television, catch a movie, or flip through a magazine and you’ll see what we mean. Adding to the trend...

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The Next Generation Of Hair Care is Here

Kérastase launched a new product line called Aura Botanica that will provide your hair with a natural, bouncy feel without the use of silicones, sulfates and parabens. This line is for dull hair, the...

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How To Get The Most From Your Hair Appointment

You’ve been paging through the glossies and social media, and you’ve found the ‘do that you want to have. Fantastic! Now, bring along those visuals to your next appointment. It’s all...

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Product Review – Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Talk to five different women about makeup and whether to opt for those uber inexpensive brands from the grocery store or the top-of-the-line products from a bespoke cosmetics counter, and you’ll get...

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What To Do With Your Hair For 2017

Decisions, decisions – it’s a new year and it’s time to think about creating a new you, or at least tweaking the old you into something a little different, maybe even a little better. Last year...

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Fusio Dose – The Game Changer

Most beauty products seem to come packaged with a range of superlatives – ultimate, premium, luxury – and a good number of them probably deserve it. But when we start talking about problem hair...

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Product Review – Pureology

Life can be hard, and it can be especially hard on your hair what with coloring and styling, poor diet choices and harsh winter weather. That’s why we offer a line of products designed to run some...

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Protect And Lighten With pH Bonder

Winter is all about the light – sparkling evenings, sunlight on snow, and beautifully highlighted hair from the range of coloring techniques available from your stylist. Whether you’re considering...

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Viviscal Professional For Hair Loss Now At Jon Lori Salon

At Viviscal Professional, we believe that everyone has the right to beautiful hair. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to change the way women and men treat thinning hair.


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Jon Lori Salon Becomes Member Of The Most Powerful & Influential Organization In The Hair Dressing I

Intercoiffure is the most powerful and influential organization in the hair dressing industry. Only the leading hair salons are members.

Jon Lori Salon owner Lori...

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How To Get Rid Of Split Ends

Detangle Hair Before Washing
“Wet hair is more elastic and breaks from much less stress than when it’s dry,” says Taylor Brock, stylist at Butterfly Studio Salon. He recommends detangling...

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Superfood Skin Care Is Having a Moment

Your obsession with green juice is about to get a lot more complex thanks to a recent crop of superfood skin-care products boasting the good-for-you-ingredients frequently found in your favorite post-workout...

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Growing a Beard for the First Time

Odds are you know whether...

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Fall Hair Care

As summer 2016 comes to a close, many of us have suffered moderate to severe hair and skin damage. Hair that has been exposed to the sun’s harmful rays, or hair that has been immersed in chlorine...

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John & Lori Sickles

When you hear the name of the salon, Jon Lori Salon, many people wonder who Jon Lori actually is. They may have even tried to schedule an appointment with him. Confused, many individuals become when...

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NATULIQUE certified organic hair color from Aarhus, Denmark is a high performance professional hair color made using pure, natural sunflower seed extract, jojoba oil, apricot seed oil and grape seed...

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A New Revolutionary Hair product it's rare that a product comes along that will change the way we color hair forever- Olaplex is that product. Its a miracle treatment that strengthens hair at cellular...

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